Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Daily Mail Hates Britain

The Daily Mail knowing that you can't libel a dead person is having a go at Ed Miliband father, attacking him as the man who hated Britain.

This is not only ironic but difficult to parody coming as it does from the Daily Mail which is one of the chief sources of hatred of Britain.

The Daily Mail editorial policy has long been to give readers a daily hate - benefit scroungers, immigrants, politicians, trendy teachers, the EU, trade unions, - well that's monday to saturday covered.

The Daily Mail doesn't really like Britain - feminism has gone to far, the country is full of workshy British and imigarnst who work too hard and our traditional christian values

In vain might one protest that far from having gone to far, a quick look at everyday sexism shows that feminism hasn't gone far enough. Indeed the Daily Mail coverage of women seems to be 90% about their physical appearance. In vain will one point out that millions of people work each day and don't earn enough to live on, that 95%+ of the unemployed get work within 2 years and don't spend a 'life on benefits'.   The Daily Mails 'christian' values usually come in the form of condemning trendy vicars, bishops in their palaces and  women priests.  Nobody has done more to spread 'political correctness gone mad' than the Daily Mail who delight in inventing stories of conkers being banned in schools and the EU banning curved bananas.  Readers take these stories at face value and start spreading them as the truth , delighting in martyring themselves and telling everyone else that things can't be done because of human rights/the eu/health and safety.  

The Daily Mail never lets the facts spoil a headline or a story.    So did Ed Milibands Dad say he hated Britain ?  Even if he did, probably not half as much as the Daily Mail does.

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