Thursday, 17 October 2013

anything you say may be taken down and used in evidence against you

As 'plebgate' rumbles on, I can't do better than agree with dan hodges in the telegraph:

The police and their supporters think we are stupid. Or if not stupid, deaf, dumb and blind. For some reason they cannot seem to understand we have seen the proof of the Plebgate deception with our own eyes, and heard it with our own ears.

If you log on to the Channel 4 news website now, you can hear Michael Crick’s phone call to the serving police officer who supposedly sent an email to the deputy chief whip, claiming to have witnessed the altercation at the gates of Downing Street. And you hear him confessing he didn’t actually witness anything at all. You can see the CCTV footage proving there were no shocked tourists at the Downing Street gates as the incident unfolded. You can hear the recording of Andrew Mitchell explaining to representatives of the Police Federation what he did actually say to police officers. And you can see the interview one of those representatives, Ken Mackaill, gave immediately afterwards, in which he claims Mitchell “would not tell us what he did say”.

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