Tuesday, 29 April 2014

the insanity continues

The average price of a three-bedroom home in London's most expensive neighbourhoods has increased by £729 a day over the past year, according to estate agent Marsh & Parsons.
The firm said the price rise of 19% since April 2013, to an average of £1.6m was equivalent to £5,120 a week – or eight times the £658-a-week median salary for Londoners.

Conservative MPs are revolting

over High speed rail 2, with upto 35 threatening to vote against the Government - frankly I remain unconvinced about the merits of HS2 and it would be great if there was a free vote for all MPs. This is a massive decision and nobody can know what is right and wrong - it is all estimates and guesswork.  the opportunity cost of not spending he money on other things is also a matter of judgement as to whether they would be more worthwhile, whatever the merits of HS2.