Friday, 4 October 2013

A parable for our times

I am reminded to the parable of the good Samaritan. A man had been attacked by bandits and left for dead at the side of the road. A Conservatite was passing and he kept to the other side of the road he said to himself "I have not been attacked by bandits, why should my wealth go to help these who have ?"

Another man was passing a newlabourist and he too passed by on the other side of the road - He shouted out, "I do sympathise but woe according to the polling of the focus groups Samaritans are particularly unpopular at the moment, but if you do survive I may help if I get to advise the King. I have a five point anti-bandit plan."
Then along came a man called Deputy Dawg with his family of Liberals from the town of Democrats. His family saw the Samaritan lying in the road and said to their leader - "we must help". So the one called Deputy crossed the road and spoke unto the Samaritan saying unto him "Verily if I help you now there is a real danger you will become dependant on my help and trapped in a dependency culture. If I give you a handout to replace the money the robbers stole, in a way you will be getting something for nothing and opt to be attacked by bandits in the future so you can live a life on benefits. Get yourself to the job centre and do some voluntary work, then I will help you."
By this time the Samaritan with his wounds unattended felt his life ebbing away and breathed his last. The Samaritan lay still in the gutter but was still judged by aptos to be fit for work.
Thus it came to pass that when another man was attacked by bandits, he was not helped by the good Samaritan and Jesus had to make up the story on the basis of the ludicrous idea that people might help one another with their being something in if for them or worrying about whether someone was getting more out form society than they put in.

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