Monday, 22 July 2013

The paranormal

It is often assumed (good word often, very vague) that skeptics would be disappointed if something paranormal like esp was proved to exist, when in fact they would be delighted.

My own brushed with the 'para normal' include - several out of body experiences, visits by demons (sleep paralysis), vivid dreams about dead people and many times having an overwhelming feeling of a sense of deja vu.

None of which I consider para normal and all of which I fell have excellent scientific explanations.

Professor Richard Wiseman is a leading media figure in explaining science - but probably not very well know - as explaining science is rather seen as not very media friendly.

This book is a great starting point to understanding cold readings (how people might seem to tell your fortune or speak to the dead) and a variety of other strange phenomena.

It also includes practical guides if you want to experience table turning/tipping and lucid dreaming and out of body experiences.

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