Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lead on Mac Duff

Watching Macbeth at Shakespeare's Globe in London was an amazing experience.  It is terrifying to think that without the First Folio, there would be no record of this play and no performances.

The production was brilliant, the genius of Shakespeare being that his plays can be refreshed and reinvented, this was certainly the case in this production.   It is slightly odd to realise how little time is given to the three Witches and Lady Macbeth yet their impact on the play is enormous.

The players were excellent, Macbeth in the David Tennant mould, the costumes of Shakespeare's time.

The drumming, music and dancing were a treat. The battle scenes dynamic, the ghost scene entirely memorable.  Two many superlatives and too little description on my part I fear.

The only disappointment was the program which far from being a souvenir was big on adverts, short on photos with none of the play itself, just a few early rehearsal pics.

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