Monday, 22 July 2013

Farewell Mel Smith

Comedian and actor Mel Smith - best known for his work with Griff Rhys Jones has died :-(   Perhaps that ought to be comedic actor and director, as that was more what Mel Smith was.

One of my favourite no the nine o'clock news sketches involved Mel Smith going into a gift shop and buying the most tacky souvenir just for the pleasure of smashing it to pieces. 

All deaths are sad, and it was strange to think that despite much wealth and huge talent, Mel Smith spent many years addicted to simple pain killer tablets and in pain from gout. 

Despite a number of achievements - hit TV shows, successful film director, stage performances, even a  hit charity single there was a slight feeling that Mel Smith perhaps could or should have achieved more. I am reminded though of the comments of someone about Peter Cook - he was known as the funniest man alive and created some of sketches and jokes that inspired a generation of more of comedians, isn't that enough ?

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