Friday, 9 January 2015

when dreadful things happen

The awful and callous murder people in Paris in shocking and horrifying.  It is heart breaking to witness the actions of a few humans.

Almost all death is sad, these deaths in Paris seem particularly sad as they were so unnecessary.

We have to remember though that according to the World Health Organization, 56 million people die each year, which is an average of about 153,424 people each day.  The majority of people die peacefully but there will be many who die prematurely and often avoidably from murder, war, famine, unwanted illness or accident.

There are now over 7 billion people on the planet.  It may be horrific to say it, but billions of us could die and human life would go on.  What terrorist atrocity could ever

There are many responses to terrorist attacks - I think the best is for life to continue as normally as possible.  Ensure maximum help is given to the victims, their families, friends and communities affected but pay tribute to them by not dancing to the terrorist tune. Terrorism that doesn't inspire terror has failed.

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