Thursday, 1 January 2015

Nostradamus - right again!

One of my favourite books - Nostradamus the end of the Millennium prophecies 1992-2001
on the front cover makes the prediction 1992 - George Bush Re-elected.  Good start as Bill Clinton was elected, not George Bush.

You might have missed the Californian Earthquake in 7.05pm on 8th May 1993  when San Diego disappeared beneath the Pacific Ocean. Worse than Krakatoa, masses of land from San Francisco in the North to the Lower California peninsula in the South are flooded and made useless. Los Angeles is destroyed, as is Hollywood - the geography of this part of the world will be permanently changed. A Tsuanmi (or more than on) hits Mexico but good news, after the quake the San Fransico Golden Gate Bridge is rebuilt.

Here are some other predictions that didn't happen:

Mrs Thatcher's re-election as Conservative Party leader in 1995, or indeed the Conservatives being in opposition in 1995.  (or is it 1996)

Aliens on television in 1998

Fraud destroys the Swiss financial system in 1995

War between Greece and Turkey 1994-1998

Israel defeated in war by her Arab Neighbours 1995-1998

The Coronation of King Charles in 1992-93

The ordination of the first women priests into the Church of England in 1995 (tough luck it happened in 1994 !)

The curing of all cancers by sound waves, the reversing of the aging process, need I go on ?

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