Thursday, 19 September 2013

Plebgate - lies and injustice

The evidence of some of the Police lying and misleading people doesn't go away. Of course it is not all Police.

It is a scandal that what should have been a simple investigation has taken so long and will no doubt cost a fortune, which could have been spent on something more useful.

I even feel slightly sorry for Andrew Mitchell.

However, the people I feel really sorry for are all the other people who wait so long for justice.

The relatives of those who died at Hillsborough, the relatives of the Guildford 4 wrongly sent to prison, the relatives of the Deepcut Barracks victims - still waiting for the truth about their children bullied and killed by the army instead of lies about how they shot themselves in the head after they were dead.

For far too many people there is no way to right wrongs. Just a hope that perhaps it will never happen again or that someone else will be prevented from going through the same suffering.

That is what motivates people to keep on going, through the blocking, the bluster, the cover ups, the refusal to answer questions, the missing files, the legal wrangling, the lies, the rules, the financial and emotional hardship, the endless meetings, letter writing, publicity seeking, the impact on their lives, because some people will strive for justice - not just for themselves, but for everyone.

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