Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The burning of the Wickerman

A Day in May
the scarecrow
for titans
watches the celebrations
from afar
a corner of a field
hemmed in by trees
there will be no escape

the old play
reenacted once more
boasts and battles
life and death
reborn heroes
is this how it must be?

the music
drifts across the houses
drifts across the generations
to Romans, Jutes and an age of iron
carried on the wind
carrying backwards and forwards
thoughts to and from another time

children dance in front of the stage
like licks of flame
joy like fire
bursts from within
it spreads by contagion
to the youths and the women
and finally the old men

the sun sets
and the lot is drawn
no Tullund man today
not that kind of sacrifice
the match, the torch
the white light doubles
and doubles again
the yearning to touch the danger
is so strong
the dance continues

alive the giant
and dies
the straw
like the wishes and dreams
so carefully attached
sent skyward
and blown
to dust
by it's own inferno
the wickerman is gone

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