Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Getting phophecies wrong - Nostradamus

I have a book - Nostradamus - the end of the millennium prophecies 1992-2001. It was publsihed in 1991.

Well - you might be able to predict how the prophecies got on.

Gems from the book include the following

1992 Geoerge Bush Re-elected (er, no, he lost to Bill Clinton)

1992 The Coronation of Charles III, the present Prince of Wales - (20+ years Later and his mum Elizabeth II is still on the throne !)

1993 California Earthquake plunges half of California underwater [California has lots of earthquakes so bravely they predicted the day and the very time itself - 7.05 on 8th May 1993]  It was going to be BAD. San Fransico, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego and Lower California all lost beneath the ocean and a new coast line formed.

"Nothing comparible to the predicted earthquake in 1993 has yet been experienced in America. Even the worst quake in 1906 ..... is likely to be viewed as minor by comparison (sic)"

- you've guessed it no earthquakes in California in 1993.  (you probably missed the predicted mass evacuation between 6th March 1992 and 3rd April 1993, the giant wave hitting Mexico, Hollywood being destroyed)

The humans landing on Mars in the year 2000 either never happend or was kept secret.  
The admission of women priest to the Church of England did take place - but it was predicted this would be on 2nd and 5th May 1995 and it actually happened in 1994.

What to conclude ?  Fiurstly, Nostradamus is not making these predictions - he is dead and it is other people in this case using a 'decoding method'. Secondly,  that people won't stop buying books about Nostradamus and his predictions.

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