Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Its the economy stupid

What if nobody is right ?  What if the economy isn't going to grow endlessly anymore ?

The present Government has been an economic disaster/cleaning up the mess it inherited depending on your point of view.

One thing however seems clear, the Government is borrowing far more money than it intended and making fewer and slower cuts. Given that the Labour Party advocated pretty much that course of action, you would have thought they would be pleased, but no, apparently, even when doing what Labour would have done, the Government has got it all wrong. 

It is a strange thing, but not so long ago there was an acceptance that money or GDP (Gross national product) wasn't everything.   David Cameron and his Conservatives were going to measure happiness and quality of life.   Gordon Brown was much happier following his moral compass than bean counting every last penny.  There was a mood of generosity which made caused like cancelling third world debt not only popular but fashionable.

With the sad death of actor Richard Briers, it is a suitable time to reflect on the good life - many of us fall into the habit of saying things - I'd give anything for my health, count your blessings,  it's the little thing that matter, you can't buy love,  family and friends are what's important, not material things.

Perhaps some of these sentiments are more of a coping strategy, a way of coming to terms with the impossibility of us all being millionaires, but on the other hand, they would probably only work if they had a huge element of truth.

So what if the economy can't grow for ever ?  Some people have made predictions in the past and these have proved inaccurate, and human innovation and ingenuity are enormously difficult to factor into predictions.

I wonder though if it would be a bad thing if we all got used to using a little less and living a little more ? 

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