Monday, 18 February 2013

Great Book by Bill Clinton

Back to work - why we need smart government for a strong economy by Bill Clinton ISBN 978-0-091-94413-1

This was a bit of a shock to read .  A book by a politician full of policy and argument :-O  Actual policies set out, as opposed to cliches recycled and philosophical musing of little relevance to public policy.

It is a concise and easy to understand case for the form of Liberal Government espoused by Bill Clinton.

What was depressing is that it is so unlike any book you are likely to read from a UK political leader.

Bill Clinton takes on the arguments of the Tea Party and defeats them.

He covers the whole range of USA political views, Democrats, Republican, Libertarian, Conservative, Progressive, even Tea Party and tries to show where they ought to be able to make common cause if they follow the logic of the evidence.

It sets out clearly the problems with leaving the deficit untackled and sets out how to tackle it.  He puts a case for Government taking on the argument that all Government is bad.  The shows the flaws and inconsistencies in the particular brand of politics that has dominated the republican party since the 1980's.

Sadly too, it shows how little the Labour party in the UK had learnt from Bill Clinton.  It took the slogans but rarely the policies. In fact the Labour Party in Government was more like the Republicans in the USA -  spending without raising taxes, not reshaping Government but creating more of what Governments do badly.

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