Monday, 15 October 2012

Fagin's Last Hour

I have been a fan of James Hyland (actor/writer/producer)  since seeing his supurb one man show "A Christmas Carol - as told by Jacob Marley (Deceased)"

Fagin's Last Hour is an amazing retelling of Oliver Twist from the point of view of Fagin.

Hyland gives an incredibly energetic performance and conjours up Fagin, Oliver, The Artful Dodger,
Bill Sykes and Nancy.  That a man with a full beard is utterly convincing as a woman tells you what  a great atmosphere Hyland creates. Spell binding.  He shifts roles with alarming ease, keeping the dramatic tension and the play flowing.

The set, costum and make up are excellent. Dickens sadly seems very relevent today, when the squalor and division of victorian Britain re-emerging.

Now at last someone (Hyland) has persuaded me to read Oliver Twist.

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