Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dead Wrong

Watching the awful "Psychic Sally" on TV this morning was quite stomach churning.

As a display of cold reading - it was fairly second rate. Sally passed on such pathetic messages as "x mises you" and "you were a good mum."

I am undecided as to whether Psychic Sally is a fraud or a pious fraud - that is someone who truly believes in what she is saying.

Most of the time Sally semed to fish for information - "Who is Sarah ?" -
begging for the reply - "I don't know Sally - your the one talking to the dead, why not tell me who they are refering to."  Strangley enough there was someone in the audience who was or knew a Sarah, but Sarah has usually been one of the top five girls names in the Uk for the past 100 years !

Mary or Jennifer or Susan would have been good bets for a response.

An audience member came out convinced that Sally had "confirmed what we already knew" - well that's the thing about psychics - you tell them things but word, body language, appearance, reaction etc and they tell you what they have picked up from you.  Sally was particularly blatent along the lines of
Sally - who is Barbara ?
Punter - My mother
Sally -  yes that's what she's telling me, Barbara is your mum 
Punter - Amazing she knew my mums name

Worst still - most "psychics" mix in hot readings as followers and staff send them information about their concerns which can then be fed back to them.
Well wouldn't you ? Your son or daughter or parent died and someone tells you they might be able to talk to them ?

Odd how Sally won't be tested properly.

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