Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Utterly Outrageous

The Lloyd George Museum in Wales is under threat of closure following moves to axe its funding. Facing the loss of £27,000 in council support, it has managed now to secure an extra 12 months grace. A financial appeal is running to ensure that ends up being a permanent saving of the museum rather than simply a deferment of closure. You can support the appeal here.

David Lloyd George was perhaps the greatest Prime Minister the UK has ever had. As Chancellor he drove through policies like the introduction of the Old Age Pension.  As minister for munitions and Prime Minister he did more to win WW1 than anyone else.  He rose from a humble background to towering achievements.

The sum withdrawn by the local Council to cover running cost of the Museum is £27,000 a year. I know of useless Councillors paid more than that. It wouldn't even pay for a MP and staff running costs for a  couple of months.  In terms of Government expenditure, it is nothing, yet the only museum dedicated to a man to whom we all owe so much is under threat of closure.  Incredible.

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