Thursday, 1 October 2015

Military Madness

Why does anyone want the UK to replace the Trident Nuclear Missiles ?

During the cold war, at least the bit I was alive for, I supported the idea of deterrence and Nato having nuclear weapons - I didn't see the point of the UK having it own nuclear weapons.  I couldn't for see anytime when we'd need a British nuclear strike as opposed to a Nato one.

Now the number of MPs lining up to say how vital replacing Trident is quite staggering. Partly I think it is people reliving their early political battles and partly its shear stupidity and inability to think of current and future needs.

History is full of people who prepared for the last conflict, not the next one. Trident is like the Maginot Line, a Dreadnaught in the time of mines and aircraft carriers, a medieval castle in the age of cannon.

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