Friday, 14 August 2015

Conservative attacks on Corbyn

The Conservative Party has released figures saying that Jeremy  Corbyn's policies come with a £42 Billion price tag. £42 Billion !  Is that all ???   I mean that would hardly a be a blip to George Osborne.

George Osborne promised to end the gap between what the Government spends and what it gets in taxes in one Parliament.  He failed, and failed big time. HIs figures were out so much that even £42 billion wouldn't help much.

The cost to the taxpayer of the financial crash in 2008 makes £42 billion look like small change.
Last week George Osborne was selling off Government owned share in a Bank at 2/3 of the price the taxpayer paid for them. This is described by him as a 'good deal' .  But then this is the Chancellor who benefits form the enormous tax breaks of a family trust fun. Have you dear reader got a family trust fund ?  I thought not.  Funny what we can afford to fund, tax breaks for the very rich and what we can't afford - housing benefit for under 23 year olds.

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