Monday, 6 July 2015

The Lib Dem Bourbons

At appalling letter has been written by a collection of massively failed former Lib Dem MPs backing Norman Lamb for Party Leader.
"All of us have been MPs and witnessed at first hand the personal qualities that are needed in a successful party leader.  (eh, we stuck with Nick Clegg, the most disastrous party leader of any party)

The choice we make as Liberal Democrats over the next few weeks is vitally important. It matters for reasons far beyond the future of our party. It can’t be just about making ourselves feel better; (translation - despite the utter failure of our ambition to recast the Liberal Democrats as a right-wing libertarian party  - we still can't acknowledge we were wrong and will belittle the people who pointed out our disastrous errors as only interested in making themselves feel better)

We must be far more ambitious than that. Norman Lamb has demonstrated effectively since 7 May that he shares that ambition. Norman has committed himself to leading a policy and political fightback, reaching out to those millions – particularly young people – who share our values and instincts, but are put off by closed party structures and tribal politics.  (yes, we persist in the absurd belief that people really do support us, they just don't realise it, whereas they DID support us until we reneged on the very things that attracted them to the Lib Dems)

He can set a new tone in our national politics. Norman recognises that we must do the hard work of rebuilding the crucial bonds of trust and hope that we need to play an effective national role. (the trust and hope that was destroyed by the likes the people signing this letter)

Sometimes that will require our leader to take an unpopular stand, or challenge our party to leave its comfort zone.  (what does that mean, it means embrace the lunatic fringe of the libertarian right - personal irresponsibility combined with crony capitalism)
And he understands the importance of campaigning with enthusiasm and integrity for the big causes that matter today. Supporters of human rights, political reform, social justice, UK membership of the EU and international action to stem climate change will all have a powerful champion in Norman
(remind me of the achievements in Government of Nick Clegg and his ministers on political reform ?  defeating UKIP ? )

Lamb. Norman’s record as a constituency MP is outstanding. As a minister he turned liberal policies into action. And he won respect and support for his campaigns on issues such as mental health. (he has an excellent record on mental health, why no mention of his other many high profile achievements if there are any? A list of one is not much of a list)

We are looking for a leader who will inspire us, grow the party and be a persuasive voice for liberalism. We have two great candidates, but have no hesitation in supporting Norman Lamb and urging others to do the same.

I have bolded the MPs who voted for tuition fees. Some of the others had already lost their seats !
Simon Wright went from 1st to 4th in Norwich South, David Laws in Yeovil turned a 13,000 Lib Dem majority into a 5,300 Conservative one, drooping 22% points of vote share back to where it was when Paddy Ashdown first stood in 1979 !  So if your looking for people who made the right call, then these aren't them.

Tom Brake MP (1997-), Paul Burstow (1997-2015), Ming Campbell (1987-2015), Julia Church (Goldsworthy) (2005-10), Ed Davey (1997-2015), Lynne Featherstone (2005-15), Don Foster (1992-2015), Sandra Gidley (2000-10), Stephen Gilbert (2010-15), Matthew Green (2001-5), Nick Harvey (1992-2015), David Heath (1997-2015), John Hemming (2005-15), Julian Huppert (2010-15), Susan Kramer (2005-10), David Laws (2001-15), Mike Moore (1997-2015), Tessa Munt ABSTAINED (2010-15), Bob Russell (1997-2015), Nicol Stephen (1991-92), Mike Thornton (2013-15), Paul Tyler (Feb 1974–Oct 1974 and 1992-2005), Shirley Williams (1981-83, and previously a Labour MP), Stephen Williams ABSTAINED (2005-15), Jenny Willott (2005-15), Simon Wright (2010-15)

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