Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Curse of Brink's-Mat

By Wesley Clarkson - a comprehensive account of the theft of £28 million of gold bars from the Brink's Mat Warehouse in 1983.

With the increased price of gold and the 'investment', VAT fraud and money laundering the value of the theft and it's impact on other crime is estimated at many times that, up to 100 times.

Ironically, the haul was a mistake, the gang were expecting to find £3 million in cash.

Over 20 deaths are linked to the aftermath of the robbery.  The saddest that of an unarmed over cover police officer stabbed 10 times, supposedly in self defence (his killer was acquitted of murder, but got sent to prison for killing another innocent victim later, that time his self defence plea was not believed.)

Corruption in the Police hindered the investigations and unfortunately low paid clerical staff seem to be a weak link when files go missing and people are tipped off.

Crime has moved on and armed robbers are usually caught and usually quite dim for even attempting it. The trouble with greed as motivation is that it leaves people trapped - incapable of normal relationships, incapable of a normal lifestyle and often betrayed by their inability to keep a low profile.

The life of a gangster doesn't seem to have any attractions - as the police commented about one person involved, they could have been a millionaire quite legitimately had they used their skills as an honest businessman.  Tellingly most of those involved seem not to want it for their own family's and relations. 

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