Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Pam Ayres - Perfectly Pitched

Pam Ayres 2 hour show (plus interval) was brilliant.  Years of performing meant a finely honed performance and it was clear that Pam works hard to keep the show new and fresh whilst not disappointing old fans.

She even joked that doing "I wish I'd looked after my teeth" was like Frank Sinatra having to do my way.

Pam thrived on the appreciative audience - a couple of times even laughing at the laughter she provoked and she revealed at the end of the show she was getting over a but had been lifted by the warmth of the reception.

A mixture of poems, stories and reading from her memoirs had the audience in stitches. Describing the dull pubs in her village in the 1950's she would hear some old codger say "it's dead in here tonight"   long pause before someone else would chime in with "that's a fact" - thank heavens it was or Pam might never had had the feeling that there must be more to life than that nightly ritual.

Just because Pam poetry is usually comic, it is sometimes sniffed at, but writing a funny comic poem, especially one that bears repeating is no easy task.   To keep a packed concert hall entertained with nothing on stage apart from a small table, a few books and a glass of water is quite marvellous.

Pam once said a woman approached her and said "Aren't you pam Ayres ? Didn't you used to write limericks. To which she replied, yes that's right, but what she thought was "Poems and I am better than ever."  Pam your right, your poems are better than ever and being comic doesn't stop you being profound.

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