Tuesday, 31 December 2013

RIP - John Fortune

The death of John Fortune has been announced. John will be remembered as a satirist - but all too often all he did was explain the situation. He could have an audience in stitches just by reading out government policy.  He would point out how businessmen got golden hellos and golden goodbyes and thus needed further incentives to do any work.

My tapes of the Long Johns (John Bird and John Fortune) discussing the electoral system, the euro-fighter and banking are amongst my most treasured possessions.

I always wished that the Long Johns had been massive - confined largely to channel 4 they reached millions but should have reached so many more.  I don't know if telling the truth is satire - satire is much like parody with a purpose - whereas the world we live in is as one satirist famously said - beyond satire.

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