Tuesday, 5 November 2013

its a gas - and an electricity bill

It has been revealed that MPs are still claiming for gas and electricity for their 2nd homes.

You might like me wonder why MPs need any more money. 

You might like me wonder why when the average enegry bill is £1500 a year how it is some MPs manage to run up bills of £2000 or more for a property they only use part time (it si after all at least their second home)  especially as so many of them are busy in parliament and or being Government Ministers.

Maria Miller MP for Basingstoke managed to claim over £2000.  No doubt she works long hours as an MP and Government Minister - which makes me wonder - has she gone out and left the gas on ?
I expect she gets up, has a breakfast and goes to work, returning late in the evening.
Does she return home and turn every possible apppliance on ?

Its a mystery.

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