Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Book Review - Life in the BNP and National Front

Hate - my life in the British Far Right by Matthew Collins (ISBN 978-1849543279) is an insiders account of life as part of the leadership of the National Front and British National Party mainly in the 1980's.

It is rather short on revelations.  Life in the NF and BNP seemed largely to consist of being drunk, being angry with other people and random unprovoked physical assaults on other people.

A jumble of incoherent racists views, conspiracy theories and sectional infighting based more on ego and personalities than policies, life in the BNP/NF is a miserable existence, which is why Matthew Collins abandoned them and became a campaigner for anti-nazi organisations.

Despite the occasional attempts at pretending to be a political party, life for the BNP/NF continues much as it did then. 

Bewared, the book contains a lot of references to Collins unhappy sex (or lack of) life and sometimes distressing accounts of the attacks on old ladies and others.

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