Monday, 15 April 2013

UFOs' The Troggs and the Wessex Triangle

I have had a bit of soft spot for Reg Presley of the rock band the Troggs.  He wrote some good songs including classic such as "A girl like you".

Describing aliens Reg said "These beings may be 20 years million years in advance of us. What kind of technology must they have."

What indeed - Reg saw great significance in the fact that crop circles appeared appeared in a  triangle between Warminister, Wantage and Winchester.  "Look at the first few letters of each place, war, want, win. Is that a message or what?"

Well there you have - 20 million year in advance of human and the method of communication is crop circles near town who's first few letters spell out a word they wish to use.

It is confusing though, as looking on a map the triangle could be Frome, Farringdon and Eastleigh - and the messagee "From far east"

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