Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Bob for Bob - More Book Reviews

The unpublished Bob Monkhouse -  A interesting memoir about comedian Bob Monkhouse by his friend and fellow comedian of whom I have never heard.  Bob comes across as incredibly hardworking and professional, kind and thoughtful in all he did.  His friend doesn't come across so well, which at least shows commendable honesty !  There are plenty of Monkhouse jokes to make you laugh and interesting insights into his professional and private life. 

On the Way Home
is the diary of Laura Ingalls Wilder - of Little House on the Parie fame. It records a trip that she made in 1894 with her husband and daughter moving from South Dakota to Missouri. It is basically a day to day commentary on who they have met that day, the local crops, land prices, where they camp etc.  Nothing much happens, quite often they meet people in waggon going from Missouri to South Dakota seeking a better life ! It must have been a strange time in the history of the USA.  The native Americans had been almost obliterated, there was no longer a frontier or new territory to settle.  Years of bad harvests meant real hardship for many. In all a historic record of interest to few I guess.

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