Friday, 1 June 2012

The sex pistols are possibly the most overrated band in history. 

They are trying once again to cash in on the Jubilee as they did in 1977 when it was the Queens Silver Jubilee.

Sadly, their song is utter tripe - "God Save the Queen, Fascist Regime" - well it wasn't and has never been a fascist regime in the UK.  Its a insult to people who have experienced fascism.  Johnny Rotten wanted to call the song after one of the other lyrics - "No Future" - as a prediction it was way out, we now know his future was doing adverts for butter on TV and appearing on celebrity programmes.

As for being anarchist and an anti Christ - not only does it not rhyme, it a slight exaggeration to put it mildly.  Still they have a loyal following amongst people who don't like to think to much. Apparently they are exciting :-O.

I concede happily that a lot of bands latched onto 'punk rock' but the vast majority of these had little in common with the sex pistols and quite often wrote good songs to good music.

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