Friday, 6 January 2012

Screaming Lord Sutch

The man who was Screaming Lord Sutch - by Graham Sharpe ISBN 1-85410-983-9

David Sutch was best known as Leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, he was also  one of the UK's first rock stars.  

His book is both a fascinating and ultimately sad read.

Sutch was a unique talent - he was one of the first people to have really long hair (2ft) way before the hippies.  He had a inventive knack for creating publicity and for many years entertained the public with his 'horror' rock act.

He was a pretty terrible singer and never had a hit record, but he managed to make more than a living out of music.  Some of his early records are surprisingly good.
He overcame many obstacles, such as being dyslexic and suffering from depression (probably bi-polar disorder)

He mixed with a huge number of people involved in music and has a cult following amongst those who care about such things

Politically, he could genuinely claim to have influenced mainstream politics far more than most MPs - from lowering the voting age,to introducing commercial radio to killing off the SDP- Lord Sutch had a hand.

In later years both politically and musically he became a pale parody of his former glory. Sadly, he became a compulsive hoarder and finally committed suicide.

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