Sunday, 23 October 2011


A man is beaten up by a mob and shot.  Should we be concerned ? Should we only be bothered if we like the person ? or do some people deserve to be shot and given a taste of their own medicine ?

I am not keen on the death penalty,  but I accept there are strong arguments for executing some people.
But death at the hands of a mob ? It's not a good way to start a new regime.

If it had been an action order by Gaddafi, it would rightly been seen as a crime, so do we wish to replace Gaddafi with something better or something much the same or worse?   It is strange to hear news report talk about people having waited 40 years for liberation form his rule, as if no-one had ever supported him. I suspect that at many times he had more popular support than our own Prime Minister.

Of course only a cynic would suggest this is about oil - which is why British Oil Companies are already trying to get lucrative contracts in place.

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