Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal, hosted by Noel Edmunds can be a compelling programme to watch.  The format is simple, but the psychology is interesting.

Noel Edmunds is well known for his belief in cosmic ordering - you order your hearts desire and the cosmos will arrange it.  Noel asked for a revived TV career or not depending on your point of view :-)

Despite knowing that they can't actually change the value of their box, everyone is encouraged to hold hands, cross their fingers, send vibes and above all be 'positive'  to help the contestant choose a low value box for elimination. This all switches of course when a deal is made with the banker and then everyone has to send positive or negative vibes wishes etc that the box is of high value.

I don't think anyone yet has just started with box number one and worked numerically through them, although mathematically, it ought not to affect the outcome.

The programme is quite sad in that people are encouraged to "be brave"  and believe that they are fated to have been dealt a high value box - and so plough on to the end,rejecting all offers from the banker, with usually disappointing results.  This is worse when it is people who would find even the relatively small wins
"life ttransforming"

I am sure there is a website somewhere which lists all the games ! 

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Oranjepan said...

At least he hasn't subscribed to scientology and promoted a UK chapter...