Sunday, 26 June 2011


Going for walks in the streets and roads near where I live, I am struck by the amount of litter. This evening I resolved to do my bit for the bit society and clear some up if I came across any in my walk.  I took two carrier bags with me - one for waste and one for recycling.  Now obviously I straight away ran into a problem.  No I know you daily snail  mail readers will be thinking health and safety gone mad, but no, it's more obvious than that. Two carrier bags just wasn't enough. So I got home and emptied 42 aluminium cans and plastic bottles into my recycling wheelie bin.

Blame it on the wombles if you like, but I have always found littering one of the most anti-social activities.  Well, no actually the wombles thrived on litter, they could set up a colony round here.  I like the Pam Ayers poem, littering, and the Flanders and Swann song Bedstead men.   But their comes a point when humour and education have had their trial period.  

There are  powers for on the spot fines for littering - although these are such a rarity, the figures I have seen that people with these powers average less than one fine each per year.

I don't know what the answer is.    It should be self evident that littering is bad. Words fail me

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