Saturday, 28 May 2011

Vogon Poetry


The books all kept like the library of Alexandria
Are all read now
Read and reread till the words fall dead
All knowledge squeezed out
All meaning removed
Till like an ancient earth mound
One can only guess at their meaning

The music all kept for the alien races
Is all played out now
All listened and heard till the tunes fall dead
All wisdom removed
No meaning is heard
Till like silence in space
No noise at all

The pictures all kept, like rare artefacts
Are all blank now
Seen and re-seen till the colours fall dead
They conjure no more
From the vaults of the mind
Till like a small Cheshire cat
There is nothing at all

The life once kept, like a child’s’ dragons hoard
Is all gone now
All acted out till the players are dead
Crumbled to dust
Like a closed down museum
The curator has left.

We hate socialists and capitalists, moralists and men,
Religious freaks, the middle class and those at number ten
Militarists, and pacifists and those who know their wrong
and people wearing glasses (oops, where did that one come from)
We’re out to smash the system to bring it crashing down
But, just for now we’ll go get pissed and hang around downtown
We boycott Barclays and Jaffa fruit cos apartheid must be fought.
Then smoke some unsound cigarettes cos we’re overwrought
It doesn’t help the third world when they could be growing grain
But when your desperate for a drag you’d rather not explain
We never vote at all you see, it’s really not expected
But, we always have a little moan when the bastards are elected.
Yeah, I’ve got a fanzine going you must read it, is that clear
Well, issue one should be out soon, ‘bout February next year
I despise the fat cats in the city who do nothing for their money
So I signed up for the dole, now don’t you think that’s funny?
Yes, I suppose I am a parasite but, it isn’t quite that bad
Because I’ve never really had to work for anything I’ve had
Of course I’d like to do something positive
But, all the jobs are so unsuited
I’d rather not use my hands
Cos I know I’d get polluted
I’m a fulltime revolutionary, I’m sure you will agree
I lie in bed and do sod all but dream of anarchy

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